What is a Backflow Prevention Device?
Water distribution systems are designed to flow in one specific direction from the distributor to the consumer.  Sometimes, the hydraulic conditions inside the system can deviate, causing the flow of water to change directions.  This is common in unprotected systems and can pollute the city drinking water.  Backflow Prevention Devices prohibit possibly contaminated water from traveling back to your clean water supply.  
Who needs to have a Backflow Test?
Per State Law, Backflow Prevention Devices are required anywhere potable water could come into contact with non-potable water or chemical hazards, such as irrigation systems, soda fountains, ice machines, car washes and medical offices.  

Backflow Devices are required to be inspected and tested annually on all commercial properties.  All new or replacement Backflow Devices must also be tested after installation to verify proper operation.

Denton Lawn Sprinkler, Inc. provides backflow tests for both residential and commercial customers.   Our certified testers will be able to perform the appropriate test and repairs for any type of backflow prevention device.  Those devices include, Pressure Vacuum Breakers, Double Check valves, and Reduced Pressure Zone Assemblies.  Water safety is serious business, so be sure to call or e-mail us today to schedule your test!

If you live in the city of AUBREY, the city requires an ANNUAL backflow test on ALL lawn sprinkler systems.  

Backflow Testing prices vary depending on the size of the device and number of devices being tested at the location.  Discounts are given for multiple device testing on same day.

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